Bad News is Good News if You Do Something About It

Nonprofits are in the business of tackling tough challenges — addressing poverty, improving education, and protecting the planet. The passionate, smart, and good-hearted people who work in the sector are filled with optimism. This can make it uncomfortable for them to acknowledge a looming crisis. At Applied Materials, we saw bad news as an opportunity …

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A Values-Based Culture

The role of leadership is to build a strong organizational culture based on a nonprofit’s mission, vision, and values. An exceptional culture will attract great employees and volunteers, board members, and supportive donors who can propel your mission forward. Your nonprofit’s values are fundamental to your culture. Both staff and board must articulate and embrace …

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Culture Matters

As I’ve been considering the impact that the COVID crisis is having on business, government and the nonprofit sector, I’ve come to realize the extent to which these times are going to separate the good managers from the bad ones. Suddenly everything is visible. There is nowhere to hide. Among nonprofits, both boards and individual …

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