“Unlocking and encouraging excellence in others has been the most satisfying aspect of my career.”  Jim Morgan

Eight Practical Insights for Leaders


Talent matters. For any organization to successfully deliver transformational results during this unprecedented time of change, its entire diverse workforce – paid and volunteer – must elevate their performance. Investing in an inclusive talent development program to optimize the full potential of all personnel and strengthen organizational capacity must be a strategic priority for nonprofits and donors alike.

In Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector: Eight Practical Insights for Leaders (Second Edition),  Jim Morgan, a revered Silicon Valley high-tech executive, philanthropic leader and co-founder of a nonprofit collaborative, shares his profound leadership insights and management principles proven to be effective in business, nonprofit and philanthropic contexts. Anyone can learn and practice them to be a better leader and manager regardless of their title, position, training or tenure.

The Applied Wisdom content on this website (also available in a free concise booklet) offers you:

A visual framework focused around the three pillars of a successful organization:

  • CULTURE – How do people act and interact?
  • PLANNING – What strategy and resources will achieve your mission?
  • IMPLEMENTATION – What actions will ensure desired results?
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Eight practical management insights and reflective conversation starters applicable to real-world situations for:

  • Nonprofit Chief Executives
  • Staff Team Members
  • Board Members
  • Individual Donors
  • Institutional Philanthropies

A collection of practical tools to help implement an Applied Wisdom learning program, empowering all levels of your diverse staff and board and instilling new behaviors and practices for nonprofit management.

Cultivating Culture - bad new is good news - Develop Court Sense - Prioritize and Focus - Who Owns the Monkey
Who is gaining value from Applied Wisdom for the Nonprofit Sector?
  • Chief Executives
  • Staff Team Members
  • Board Members
  • Volunteers
  • Leadership Development programs (including service organizations)
  • Nonprofit Intermediaries (consultants, training firms, coaches, nonprofit membership associations, fiscal sponsors)
  • Philanthropy-Serving Organizations
    (regional grantmaking association, affinity group, etc.)
  • Academic institutions operating a nonprofit, philanthropy and/or social entrepreneurship program
  • Executive Search firms
  • Individual Donors/Giving Circle Members
  • Institutional Philanthropies
    (any type of grantmaking entity)
  • Donor-Advised Fund Sponsor Organizations (Community Foundation, Nonprofit or Commercial firm)
    Government Contractors/Funders
  • Wealth Advisors, Financial and Estate Planners


“This little booklet is EXCELLENT for the whole nonprofit sector. Well done... and it’s fun to read! Jim Morgan’s insights offer wisdom and ready-made learning to spur action and promote behavior change within ourselves and our organizations.”​
Tom Tierney​
Chairman and Co-Founder
“Simple and effective advice for chief executives to use with their staff and board. It’s shaped the culture of our organization, catalyzed our strategic thinking and assisted us in implementing our strategic plan.”​
Lisa Andrew, Ed.D.
Silicon Valley Education Foundation
“A great resource for leaders of community foundations, private foundations, and nonprofit organizations alike. It’s succinct, practical and inspiring all at once. Among many valuable insights, I love Jim’s reminder to consistently ‘look up, look forward, and look around’.”​
Nicole Taylor
President and CEO
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

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