Leadership vs. Management

Books on corporate success often focus on leadership. Others focus solely on management. But effectively running an organization demands both leadership and management. They are closely aligned, but they are not interchangeable. As the illustration shows, the leadership role includes setting the vision, and motivating and inspiring everyone working within the organization. A leader establishes …

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Some Thoughts on Decision-Making

A strong leader delegates decision-making authority for a project to the lowest practicable level within an organization.  This is the value of hierarchy and decentralized decision-making. You set the values and priorities at the top, then push the implementation to individuals deep within the organization, where it becomes a competitive advantage. In an accountable culture, …

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Giving Thanks

This is surely the most challenging year that nonprofits have faced in a generation, forced to struggle with the chaos of Covid-19 during a time of great political turmoil. But in the midst of these many changes some things remain the same: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and a month later the year will …

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