Make Timely Decisions

Decisions create momentum. Making good decisions, timed right, is a tough challenge for any manager. You have to cultivate the habit of making timely decisions — conduct your due diligence and then trust your instincts.

Try this mind game: You’ve been asked a tough question, then ordered to stand on top of a cliff while you give the answer. You’re warned of what might happen:

  • If you give the correct answer to the question, you get to stay on the cliff.
  • If you give the wrong answer, you’ll be pushed off.

So you think you can play it safe by delaying answering the question. Nope:

  •  If you fail to give an answer, you’re also pushed off!

Within someone’s area of responsibility, most people will give the right answer most of the time. They just need to decide to decide. Then the team can move forward — to complete the project, hire the person, or secure the donation.

  • Are you able to make timely decisions within your area of responsibility?
  • What would make you feel more comfortable in making decisions on behalf of your organization?
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