“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

Congratulations on becoming an Applied Wisdom learner! Your opportunity for growth and transformation lies in accessing and utilizing the downloadable content in our learning & Implementation Tools digital libraries below. You and/or your team will benefit from:

  • Increased self-awareness, and improved mindsets,
  • Changed behavior with more effective and confident leadership and management skills,
  • New habits that increase everyone’s productivity leading to greater organizational results.

“Success is 90% implementation.” – Jim Morgan

Below is seven-step effective learning & implementation tools to guide you in developing all levels of talent within your organization. An immersion in the insights, coupled with the team-building tools and activities, will build more trusting, respectful, and positive relationships that elevate individual and collective performance. Collaborative learning also creates a shared management language or vocabulary among you and your teams, accelerating your work and progress together. Here are our seven-step effective learning & implementation tools.

1) PRE-READING ACTION: For individuals involved with organizations, take the Pre-Reading Organizational Diagnostic (5 min). For individual donors or students, take the Personal Self-Assessment (1 min).

a) Read the booklet in print form, as a PDF, or on an eReader and underline or highlight words or phrases that resonate for you. Another day, re-read a specific Insight chapter to revisit the concepts and consider their application in your life and work. Then listen to the audiobook to gain a different perspective – our brain processes oral information differently than reading it in print.
b) Listen to the audiobook first, then read the booklet in print or digital format a day or two later.
c) Listen to the audiobook while simultaneously reading in the print or digital booklet.

3) POST-READING ACTION: Take the Post-Reading Organizational Assessment based on an insight (3 min), each section – Culture, Planning and Implementation – (8 min) or all eight insights (15-20 min) to dig deeper into what you need to prioritize and where to focus.

4) EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Engage in individual and collaborative group learning activities with your staff and board teams using the Strategic Management Application below to develop your management muscle. Implement an inclusive learning program for all staff team members as well as board members using the Tool Library below. “Repetition is the mother of learning!”

5) REFLECTIVE LEARNING: Engage in the thought-provoking Conversation Starters with yourself, staff and board colleagues, family and friends (the third page of each Insight chapter).

6) “BOOK IT and SHIP IT:” Based on your insights, consider new opportunities and positive outcomes. Make decisions and manage the consequences. Create action steps with an implementation plan. Then monitor progress on the agreed-upon commitments and agreements. Adapt and course-correct to improve and create a higher level of impact.

7) CELEBRATE – Achieve greater results with our implementation tools for the constituencies that you serve! 


Leaders are readers to start!​
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